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What Past Guests Say

Letters Past guests are the best indicator of trip quality. Our guests return from adventures raving about the destination, the expedition leaders, the small group, and the experience as a whole. This is true whether it's their first international adventure or the culmination of a lifetime of travel. Listen to a few of our passengers and get a feeling for our adventures:


The nighttime scenes of game stalking game this [is] something you never see in zoos. I never felt at risk anytime during the whole adventure, despite my pre-trip apprehensions. It was my most gratifying and fulfilling trip so far.

Warren Gottwald, Wild Water, Wildlife and Remote Trails

Fred (Expedition Leader) made the trip extraordinary. There were so many exciting adventures. Fred is a treasure of a human being and a person we are honored to know and spend time with. The adrenaline of the white water rushing by, lions roaring nearby at night, unpassable roads, and laughter galore made me know I was fully alive and living every moment of this trip. Thanks for everything your company does care about its customers and we appreciated all the personal service.
The Nebel Family, The Wilder Side of Kenya

A magical trip, thank-you. We saw everything we wanted to see. Awesome, challenging!
Archna Nigam-Haylock, Wild Water, Wildlife and Remote Trails

I had the best trip I've ever had with any tour group. Guides were professional, fun very knowledgable and experienced great cooks! They knew the answer to any question we had and took extra care to make sure our trip was fun and memorable. Hearing the wild animals at hight outside our tent was amazing. I want to thank you and your staff for doing such a fantastic job with everything, I will travel with Outer Edge again!
Kristin Kirby, Namibia Classic Safari

Had a great time, excellent organization and service beyond my expectations. I know from talking to other guests who did not arrange the trip with Outer Edge that Outer Edge's pre-trip information was by far the most comprehensive. Guides were great! I will definitely be returning.
Joni Sensel, Namibia Classic Safari


We liked the small group atmosphere - it is more flexible and we got to know everyone. The guides were excellent, very knowledgeable & enthusiastic. We can't think of any improvement.
Walter and Pat Ohrbom, Aussie Sports Spectacular

Your expedition packet was wonderful. This trip was a wonderful experience, . . . my favorite part was snorkeling with the manta rays. Warren (Expedition Leader) gave us a handpainted boomerang to show the children that we work with. The people made the trip!!

Colleen Murphy, Aussie Sports Spectacular

One of the most enjoyable experiences of my adult life . . . an excellent expedition. This trip is a must for anyone who has a thirst for adventure. The guides were fantastic people. They did things above and beyond what was expected. I teased one of them about packing a teapot to the top of some waterfalls we climbed. Aussie's must have their tea! Everything was very well organized, moved like clockwork. The services you provided were exceptional.

Todd Young, Aussie Sports Spectacular

I had a blast, the smallness of group made it that way. I would do the trip again in a heartbeat.

Kim Kruzich, Camel Safari in the Red Center

This was really a fun trip! The kayaking was fabulous.

Edward Baker, Aussie Sports Spectacular

This was the greatest vacation ever.

Donna Nelson, Personalized Adventure

The trip was A-1 to the last detail. We went into each day knowing Outer Edge had a new adventure planned for us and we were never disappointed! Nick (Expedition Leader) was wonderful. In addition, he was a great cook! Thank-you, everything was splendid.

Virginia Sibson, Camel Safari in the Red Center

Lots of Fun! The guides were excellent at taking care of us and telling us about the local culture, ecology, etc. The whole trip was absolutely wonderful, though my favorite was the exhilarating bike ride as we rode down rainforest trails, jumping logs and branches.

Debra Price, Aussie Sports Spectacular

Your pre departure info. was wonderful. The sounds of the rainforest at dawn were incredible - a symphonic wake-up call!

Jill Solder, Aussie Sports Spectacular

I don't think it could have been any better, I would like to go again! Nick (Expedition Leader) was a perfectly delightful person and couldn't have been nicer. All the guides were knowledgeable - and that makes a real difference (and makes it fun). Everything went very smoothly, it was perfect!!

Winnie Connolly, Camel Safari in the Red Center

It was . . . magic, the best time of my life. Our leader was incredible.. he knew everything. Thanks for everything.

Lisa Vandeursen, Personalized Adventure


We had a stupendous time -- the trip was absolutely marvelous

Jeremiah Mahoney & Marjorie Bradley, Borneo Sports Spectacular

My favorite was hiking & visiting the longhouse meeting the locals and getting a real feel for their life we were way off the beaten path.

Lisa Bates, Borneo Sports Spectacular

The trip was fantastic & the guides were great!
Dan LaMarche, Borneo Sports Spectacular

It was awesome, Veno (Expedition leader) is extraordinary! Climbing Mt. Kinabalu was awesome!! We had perfect weather on top making the view simply amazing! Mt. Kinabalu and Mulu are places that I will cherish visiting for the rest of my life!
Joel Bartelt, Borneo Sports Spectacular

I shall never forget true adventure. Sarawak was extraordinary an adventure extravaganza I will return. The information provided was more than adequate and the trip ran very smooth.
Paul Jackson, Borneo Sports Spectacular - Millennium Departure

We enjoyed the caves at Mulu very much it really was an adventure! The trip was extremely well organized. Veno was an excellent guide who made sure we got the most from our experience with him. We were extremely pleased to be so well looked after. All in all it was a fantastic trip.
Danielle Ward, Borneo Sports Spectacular


Dogsledding is so remarkable. I was pinching myself to be sure it was real...Can't believe it, can't describe it. Doug (Expedition Leader) was fantastic. He was full of information about the dogs, the countryside, and dogsledding in general. It was a wonderful experience . . . incredibly beautiful.

Doug Perry, Dogsledding Odyssey

Fantastic Trip!!! Lifelong memory. The trip was flawless . . . it couldn't have been any better. Larry (Expedition Leader) was just great!

Betty & Ed Noyes, Orcas Galore

We have traveled quite extensively and we never had a 10 up until now. The huckleberry pancakes were awesome.

Ralph and Barbara Scalise, Dogsledding Odyssey

It was an amazing trip . . . seemed like a dream. The scenery was fabulous and the dogs were just beautiful.

Alex Bates, Dogsledding Odyssey

It was the best vacation of my life.

Barbara Carlson, Dogsledding Odyssey

Seeing a bull's dorsal fin begin to submerge behind a kayak, hearing the exhale and inhale of an orca beside the kayak -- these things made for a SUPER trip. Larry (Expedition Leader) was a fine leader, both capable and fun We had a great time, both memorable and exciting. I have already recommended this expedition to a friend.

Jo Ann Harley, Orcas Galore

I was taking pictures of whales 15 feet to one side, then 2 whales surfaced five feet on the other side! I would do it again! I enjoyed Larry (Expedition Leader) and his appreciation of environmental concerns.

Robert Slade, Orcas Galore

Doug (Expedition Leader) is awesome and the trip was totally luxurious. I highly recommend it to anyone. We will go back.

Catherine Kieckhefer, Dogsledding Odyssey

Everything was terrific! An unbelievably thought-provoking experience that can't be described.

Rick & Justin Wolf, Dogsledding Odyssey

Chili / Argentina

It was a great trip! Our Guide, Oscar, was truly one of the best we have had on any expedition, anywhere in the world.

Virginia Bonar, Patagonia: Trekking in Paine & Fitz Roy

Oscar (Expedition Leader) went beyond the call of duty. he is really good, very knowledgeable, and was wonderful. He knows those mountains, they are his life. We give him an A+. I just sucked in my breath sometimes, the scenery was so spectacular. The expedition went way beyond my expectations.

Gail & Ron Waters, Patagonia: Trekking in Paine & Fitz Roy

The trip was great . . . our guide (Oscar) was the finest! The scenery was really spectacular. There were no hitches or glitches . . . I would really recommend this to anyone.

Jean Kendall, Patagonia: Trekking in Paine & Fitz Roy

Eclipse Trips

I wouldn't have believed we could cram so much into one week and still not feel terribly rushed. It was so full of experiences. Traveling with Outer Edge was a nice compromise between independent travel and an organized trip.

Pamela Cross, Total Solar Eclipse, India

I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Lewis Kurtz, Total Solar Eclipse, Chile

It was unbelievable -- the eclipse, the wildlife, the clear night skies. This eclipse is something I will never forget and I am grateful for your leadership. It was an excellent adventure.

Joseph Stein, Total Solar Eclipse, Chile

It cannot be described . . . a spiritual experience.

Jack McDoniel, Total Solar Eclipse, Chile

The best vacation of my life! The eclipse was fantastic. I loved the camp but also liked our private site. I liked that our group was small and quiet. It was my best trip ever, and I mean ever!
Jack McDoniel, Total Solar Eclipse, Chile


Awesome, mind-boggling, extraordinary experience of a lifetime. It was unbelievable, I am awestruck. We entered a village and all the bows were drawn (at us), but we were best of friends within the hour!

Spencer Allen, Irian Jaya: Journey Into The Stone Age

It was a fabulous trip .. I would recommend it to anyone. Benny (Expedition Leader) was fabulous!

Edward Baker, Tana Toraja: Rivers, Trails & Village Life

It was a fabulous trip .. I would recommend it to anyone. Benny (Expedition Leader) was fabulous!

Edward Baker, Tana Toraja: Rivers, Trails & Village Life

It was extraordinary .. a trip we will remember the rest of our lives. The treehouse village was our most memorable experience as they had never seen white people before. A wonderful trip and a fascinating experience.

Jon & Cheryl Kretzschmar, Irian Jaya: Journey Into The Stone Age

New Zealand

It was all so amazing! It couldn't have been more perfect. The Services provided by our guide - Tony were a perfect 10! His energy and enthusiasm were contagious. We've been on many adventure trips but Tony was far and away the best guide we've ever had! The food was amazing - to not have one bad meal in 16 days is unbelievable - we ate like kings! An awesome trip! o We were immensely impressed! Can't wait to travel with you again!
Barbara McNaughton, Best of the South Island

The entire experience was beautiful and extraordinary. We could hardly bear to leave. The food was consistently excellent. Tony (Expedition Leader) had a extaordinary way with every single member of the group. We were all age 50 + but he treated us as interesting friends. He made a point everyday to spend a moment or two with each traveler - there were no favorites and no one felt left out.
Steve and Linda Boutin, Best of the South Island

Richard (Expedition Leader) was wonderful. He drove us around even on his free day & when the trip was over. There was nothing that could have been improved.
Lisa Dorishkin, Best of the South Island

The trip was really fun, we would like to do it again! It exceeded all of our expectations.

Mark & Claire Bronstein, Heli-Biking Adventure


It was the best time I have had in my life . . . all my dreams and more came true! The jungle was a wonderful and enchanting place. If I could fall asleep and wake up anywhere this is where it would be!!

Dan Wojtas, Amazon Jungle Adventure

Totally outstanding . . . a great trip! We were totally impressed with your (Outer Edge's) professionalism and the pre-departure information you supplied. Everything was just incredible.

Steve & Tyrina Petersen, Amazon Jungle Adventure

Other adventure companies lack the extensive pre-departure information you gave me. This was a great experience, it was like clockwork...extraordinary considering where we were.

Mike Rath, Yarapa River Pink Dolphin Expedition

Can not speak highly enough of the trip It was great, I am addicted.

Marjorie Pool-Nemes, Yarapa River Pink Dolphin Expedition

The place itself is fantastic, but the local people made the destination magical.

Mary Lovander-Rutzer, Yarapa River Pink Dolphin Expedition


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