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Photo of Women and child: Irian Jaya: Journey Into The Stone Age, Cultural Exploration, Trekking JOURNEY INTO THE STONE AGE: West Papua, Indonesia
Cultural Exploration, Trekking
22 Days
2 - 6 guests

  • trek between remote villages which see practically no other visitors
  • explore cultures (Kombai, Yali, Dani) where customs and dress have remained unchanged for centuries
  • be part of a rare sago feast where many clans gather for festivities

"West Papua," the western half of New Guinea Island, formerly termed "Irian Jaya" is a last frontier for travel amongst unique cultures that have had little contact with, or influence by, western "civilization". A charter plane flies us into the misty highlands of the remote Yali tribes, where we trek along reasonably good but steep mountain trails. A flight into the lowlands takes us to isolated Kombai clans. In past trips we were the very first westerners to ever visit many of these villages! Since we are always exploring new areas it is possible to be the only Westerner to ever set foot some of these clan villages. We trek between tree houses perched far above our heads. Our departures are scheduled to coincide with festive "sago feasts" found in the lowlands. This is an event rarely seen by outsiders. A dozen or so clans gather to eat sago grubs, dance, and find spouses. Both the Yali and Kombai were fierce headhunters when first contacted just 20 years ago. While this practice has stopped, little else has changed. They remain people on the edge of the STONE AGE!

Full Trip, 22 days:
2005: Mar 19 - April 9; May 28 - June 18; Oct. 1 - 22
2006: Mar 18 - April 8; May 27 - June 17; Sep. 30 - Oct. 21

Land Price:
$3,290 US (6 guests)
$3,490 US (3 - 5 guests)
$3,890 US (2 guests)

Highland only, 13 days:
2005: Mar 28 - April 9; June 6 - 18; Oct. 10 - 22
2006: Mar 27 - April 8; June 5 - 17; Oct. 9 - 21

Land Price:
$1,990 (6 guests)
$2,090 (3 - 5 guests)
$2,190 (2 guests)

Lowland only, 17 days:
2005:March 19 - April 4; May 28 - June 13; Oct. 1 - 17
2006:March 18 - April 3; May 27 - June 12; Sep. 30 - Oct. 16
Land Price:
$2,390 (6 guests)
$2,690 (3 - 5 guests)
$2,990 (2 guests)

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Cultural Exploration, Trekking
16 days       2 - 6 guests

  • trek between remote highland villages of the Yali and Dani tribes
  • take part in traditional festivals
  • stay overnight in thatch-hut villages
We will visit tribal people who are living as they have for centuries, minimally impacted by western ways. We visit the remote Yali tribe in the highlands and hike around the gorgeous Southern Baliem Valley that is ome to the Dani tribe. The locals wear only gourds, rattan hoops, and grass skirts This trip is a little easier and a bit shorter than the Journey Into The Stone Age expedition, but the unique culture seen is still unrivaled anywhere else in the world.

Departure Dates:
2005: Jan. 23 - Feb. 6; June 12 - 26; Sept. 4 - 18
2006: Jan. 22 - Feb. 5; June 11 - 25; Sept. 3 - 17

Land Price:
$2,290 (6 guests)
$2,390 (3 - 5 guests)
$2,490 (2 guests)

Past Guest Comments

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Sulawesi/Tana Toraja, Flores, Sumba, Bali Cultural Exploration, White Water Rafting, Mountain Biking, Trekking
22 Days       2 - 6 guests

  • glimpse tribal cultures and their traditional ways of life
  • stay overnight in thatch-roofed villages
  • experience rapids and vine-hung gorges by white water raft
Indonesia is an archipelago of over 13,000 incredibly fertile volcanic islands that make up part of 'The Ring of Fire'. we will stay in villages rarely visited by foreigners, see ancient tombs, massive megaliths, and colored lakes.

Sulawesi is home to the Torajans, whose ornate dwellings are said to resemble the starships that brought them here. Flores may be the most beautiful of the islands, with its mix of tropical forest, savanna, magnificent volcanoes, deep ravines, and high mountain lakes. Sumba holds tightly to its rich cultural traditions. We may be permitted to witness tribal rituals that are an integral part of the fabric of life in these last strongholds of animist religion and megalithic culture

Departure Dates:
2005: Jan. 12 - Feb. 2; July 13 - Aug. 3; Oct. 26 - Nov. 16
2006: Jan. 11 - Feb. 1; July 12 - Aug. 2; Oct. 25 - Nov. 15

Land Price:
$2,590 (3-6 guests)
$2,890 (2 guests)

Past Guest Comments

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Cultural Exploration, White Water Rafting, Trekking
13 days       2 - 6 guests

  • raft the remote hinterlands of Tana Toraja with Class III - IV rapids
  • trek to distant Torajan villages
  • see ancient megaliths, effigies to the ancestors, and unique Torajan houses
This expedition takes you to Sulawesi's most magnificent region, a fertile plain surrounded by rugged, high mountains that have isolated the area and helped preserve its local customs. Here are the Torajan people and their unique starship-shaped homes, centuries-old hanging graves, effigies to the dead, and massive megaliths. We will trek into the remote areas of Tana Toraja where no outsiders visit, staying with villagers in traditional houses. This is followed by two days of white water rafting on the incomparable Sa'dan River, where mountains rise 4500 ft. above the river, fringed by hanging vines and terraced rice fields.

Departure Dates:
2005: April 27 - May 9; June 22 - July 4; Aug. 17 - 29
2006: April 26 - May 8; June 21 - July 3; Aug. 16 - 28

Land Price:
$1,790 (4-6 guests)
$1,890 (2-3 guests) )

Past Guest Comments

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