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E. Africa
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Wildlife Viewing, White-Water Rafting, Mountain Biking, Cave Exploration, Rapelling, Snorkeling, Dhow Sailing
16 days       4 - 8 guests

  • Experience East Africa in this thrilling and fun multi-sport adventure
  • Visit Masai Mara for some exciting wildlife viewing

This adventure immerses you in the active side of Kenya while leaving plenty of time to view the amazing wildlife for which the country is famous. It all begins with some exciting whitewater rafting on the Tana River. In Hells Gate National Park we will mountain bike through the sinuous, rocky canyons among wandering giraffe and take a stab at rapelling down some of the canyon walls. We hike the little-known Hells Gate Gorge with its colorful layers of rock and sandy river bottom. On Mt. Longonot we will hike onto the cone of a dormant volcano and near Mt. Suswa we will descend under the earth in ancient lava tubes. Then, we head to the ocean and go snorkeling and dhow sailing. Of course a hefty chunk of time is devoted to wildlife viewing in the Masai Mara, East Africas premier wildlife destination. On our last trip we saw lions mating, and abundance of elephants, cats, and plains game. It is not unheard of to have a cheetah hop onto the hood of your safari vehicle! We will travel under the expert eye of our professional guides who know more about the wildlife and culture than an encyclopedia. For transportation we will use a rugged 4WD Land Rover or Land Cruiser that can get us into the most remote places and out again. Several of the places we visit are seen by fewer that two dozen outsiders a year! For the adventurous traveler interested in exploring Africa outside of a vehicle, this is the ideal action safari!

Itinerary Highlights

  • Day 1 - 2: Fly to Nairobi.
  • Day 3: Aberdare Mountains/Tana River - white water rafting.
  • Day 4: Aberdare Mountains - Hell's Gate Ntl Park - mountain biking, wildlife viewing.
  • Day 5: Aberdare Mountains - Hell's Gate Ntl Park - volcano and geothermal exploration.
  • Day 6: Aberdare Mountains - Hell's Gate Ntl Park - rapelling, hiking.
  • Day 7: Mt. Suswa - cave exploration, hiking.
  • Day 8 - 11: Masai Mara - wildlife viewing, explore local villages
  • Day 12 - 14: Tiwi (the coast) - snorkeling, dhow sailing, beach exploration.
  • Day 15 - 16: Fly Home.
Land Price
$5,190 US

Departure Dates

2005: January 29 - February 13; February 19 - March 5;
March 9 - April 3; April 23 - May 8; May 21 - June 5;
June 18 - July 3; July 9 - 24; July 23 - August 7;
August 6 - 21; August 20 - September 4;
September 10 - 25; September 24 - October 9;
October 15 - 30; November 5 - 20;
November 26 - December 11; November 29 - December 14

2006: to be determined

Camping, wilderness lodges

Level of Difficulty
III - Challenging

Past Guest Comments

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10 days       4 - 15 guests

  • Make one of the highest non-technical ascents in the world
  • View the spectacular sunrise at the summit
  • See superb views of the mountain and its surroundings
Called "Everyman's Everest", Mt. Kilimanjaro rises majestically from a hot savanna to a barren 3-1/2 mile high peak. Locally called the "Home of God", it is the highest mountain in Africa and one of the largest free-standing mountains in the world. Trekking up Kilimanjaro, the Roof of Africa, is a must-do challenge for almost every hiker and mountaineer. On this particular climb we will take the Marangu Route, which has more successful summit ascents than any other. With an extra acclimation day than most trips, we have a better chance of reaching the glacier-clad summit at 19,340 ft. The view from the top is nothing short of awesome! Porters carry our gear and no technical climbing is involved, however this is one of the most challenging treks possible. While many safari pictures are taken from the ground looking at the peak of Kilimanjaro… this trip allows you to take your picture from the summit looking down!

Itinerary Highlights

  • Day 1 - 2: Fly to Nairobi.
  • Day 3 - 7: Marangu Route. Ascend to summit at 19,341 ft.
  • Day 7 - 8: Descend to base of mountain.
  • Day 9 - 10: Fly Home.

Land Price
$2,390 US

Departure Dates
As requested, December - October

Hotels, mountain huts

Level of Difficulty
IV - Strenuous

Past Guest Comments

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