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In 1988 my wife Lisa, my brother Jim and I started Outer Edge Expeditions as an alternative to the watered down large group tours that seemed to be pervading the "adventure" market. We decided to use local guides (to help local economies and preserve wilderness areas), and to travel in small groups, just like we enjoy doing. And rather than being a "wholesaler" we decided to go to each destination and create our own trips. Since we had personal knowledge we were able to really educate our guests before they left, as well as on the trip itself. We have stuck to our guns and Outer Edge now send small adventurous groups to 5 continents.

Be it as simple as starting to recycle, as pervasive as changing how you think about different ethnic groups, or as dramatic as starting an organization to benefit local tribes, adventure travel changes you. Outer Edge was created to facilitate such opportunities for learning and growth.

We are devoted to making exciting wilderness areas accessible to the active traveler and therefore provide small adventurous expeditions from Australia to Zimbabwe. Outer Edge is unique among adventure tour operators in three ways:

  • We specialize in small group expeditions, ranging from one to ten people. This allows personalized service, increased trip flexibility, and minimal environmental impact. On our vacations you truly get away from the crowds rather than traveling with them.
  • We contribute a portion of the proceeds to local conservation and research projects. The contribution funds work in the area of the expedition - not halfway around the globe.
  • We offer personal knowledge of every area we travel to. Having been to each destination and often designing the trips after our own experiences, we are able to provide first hand information about the environment.
If the dates or locations of our scheduled expeditions are unsatisfactory, don't give up. We also arrange personalized adventures.

Take a look through our offerings and I am sure you agree, we offer the "Outer Edge" of adventurous eco-travel today.

    In the Spirit of Adventure

    Brian Obrecht


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